Graduate Diploma in Theology and Religious Studies

A programme for graduates that want to develop knowledge in Theology and Religious Studies.

The Graduate Diploma provides a route towards postgraduate study for those with a previous non-theology degree, or it can also be pursued as an end in itself.

Applicants must also demonstrate an ability to study at University level and be judged capable of making a quick and successful transition to advanced study in Theology and Religious Studies.

Why study this programme

  • You will join one of the largest and highest-ranked departments of Theology and Religious Studies in the UK.
  • You will study with internationally renowned academics who produce world-leading research on their subjects.
  • You will be able to describe, analyse and critique a wide range of religious beliefs and practices in a creative and constructive fashion.
  • You will not only acquire a profound knowledge of your subject but also gain a good understanding of research methodologies and develop a range of skills to prepare you for various employment opportunities and continued life-long learning.
  • Edinburgh has a fascinating religious history and is a cosmopolitan, diverse and exciting setting for the study of Theology and Religious Studies.

Degree structure and courses

  • Students take 120 credits of honours courses over one year full-time or two years part-time.

You will choose courses that cover a variety of topics such as: sacred texts and languages, history, ethics and philosophy, a range of religions in global settings, practical theology, science and religion, and religion and the arts.

Aims and outcomes

The Graduate Diploma in Theology and Religious Studies has four main goals:

  • To provide a solid methodological and intellectual foundation for postgraduate work in Theology and/or Religious Studies.
  • To help develop the general critical, analytical and communicative skills which prepare students for a wide variety of employment opportunities for vocational training and continued life-long learning.
  • To offer study in the full range of subjects that comprise the academic study of Theology and Religious Studies.
  • To acquaint you with the approaches, questions, methods, tools, and results of advanced academic studies in these subjects.

Further information

Initial enquiries can be directed to our office. Please help us to assist you by including information on your previous studies and any specific area of interest in Theology and Religious Studies.


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