From Thesis to a Book: In Three Easy Steps?

Wondering about how you will turn your forthcoming PhD thesis into a book? Find out on Friday 23 February, 2.00-4.00 pm, Senate Room

Then this seminar, led by Dr Carey Newman, Director of Baylor University Press, is an event you will want not to miss. Baylor University Press has a growing list of highquality publications in Theology and Religious Studies, and recently published Professor Larry Hurtado’s Destroyer of the Gods. The seminar charts the path from a doctoral thesis to a published book. It explores the reasons why it is so difficult for even a good thesis to make this trip before considering the ways a thesis can be revised to meet the requirements of this next stage of scholarship. The seminar addresses practical matters, like how to write the first email, how to construct a winning Table of Contents, as well as identifying important features of successful academic books (voice, plot, structure, deep logic). The seminar reveals both the possibilities and pitfalls of moving from a thesis to a book. Do come along and interact with Dr Newman.