Rev Laurence Twaddle

Bachelor of Divinity (Honours)

Minister at The Calvin Auditoire, Geneva.

Why did you choose to study at New College? 

I chose to do my BD Hons at the University of Edinburgh (1976) because at the time, it was considered to offer the most cutting edge theological training in Scotland. After four wonderful years in St Andrews it might have seem attractive to stay on there to study theology - but the reputation of New College was such that there seemed no better place to explore theology than there.  It did not disappoint!


What are your best memories of your time at New College? 

The quality of teaching was universally high - so much so that I enrolled in extra courses each of my first two years, unwilling to miss out on any of the opportunities to study under fine and dedicated academics. The college feel of the place, shared lunches, long coffee breaks during which the issues would be discussed with passion and rigour -these were precious things...

The New College football team was keen and full of team spirit and friendships were made that endure to this day... great times!


What has been your career path?

After graduation, I had an almost two year spell as Assistant Minister at St Cuthbert's Edinburgh under Tom Cuthill, then 38 years at Belhaven linked with Spott in East Lothian. A return to New College for a part-time MTh re-kindled warm memories...

And finally to Geneva - where I am at present  minister of the Church of Scotland, worshipping in Calvin's Auditoire.  John Knox,  a previous minister here in Geneva, must be spinning in his grave!!


Any advice for current or potential students?

My advice to students here today?  Enjoy yourself by keeping an open mind, respecting the intellectual journey, and really listen!