School of Divinity events from 2016.

3 FEBRUARY 2016 - this is a one day conference aimed particularly as a refresher course for clergy, worship or lent group leaders from all denominations.

10 FEBRUARY 2016 - Stories from the Margins, Organised by the Story and Religion Network

18 FEBRUARY 2016 - This seminar will address the challenges to the churches and people of faith which come with the chronic humanitarian situation facing refugees.

17 MARCH 2016 - an annual public lecture hosted by the Asian Religions Network

1st April 2016 - Easter Service of Words and Music

5 APRIL - 29 JULY 2016 This spring we are celebrating New College Library’s historic library collections in an exhibition, ‘Given in Good Faith’ which uses some of the Library’s treasures to explore themes of church history, worship, science and scripture.

19 APRIL 2016 - A One Day Conference organised by Scottish Religious Cultures Network (SRCN), with Religious Studies and the Centre for Theology and Public Issues, Edinburgh

21 APRIL 2016 - His Excellency Mr Mazen Homoud, Jordanian ambassador to the UK will give a lecture: `Jordan and the challenges of the Middle- East.’

23 APRIL 2016 - The St John’s Theology Symposium, a joint event with New College and the Centre for Theology and Public Issues

30 APRIL 2016 - Professor Elaine Pagels, Princeton University will deliver a public lecture on 'Visions of the End: The Book of Revelation in Art, Music, and Politics'.

2nd - 12th MAY 2016 - Professor Kathryn Tanner's Gifford Lecture Series is made up of six lectures under the series title 'Christianity and the New Spirit of Capitalism'.

3rd MAY 2016 - Professor Elaine Pagels of Princeton University delivers a lecture, Why is "How do the Nag Hammadi texts change our understanding of early Christianity?"

13 MAY 2016 - A CPD event for Primary teachers and Secondary RMPS teachers

15 JUNE 2016 - Professors Tom Wright (St Andrews) and John Barclay (Durham) will discuss St Paul

26th - 28th JULY 2016 - Ecclesiastical History Society Summer Conference

Thursday 15 September 1400 hrs, Martin Hall, New College.

21 SEPT 2016 - An afternoon for ministers and worship leaders to explore current scholarship about the Gospel of Matthew, the lectionary Gospel for 2016/2017.

28 September at 10:30–16:00, Martin Hall, New College

4.15pm, Monday 3 October 2016, Martin Hall, New College. Lecture by Professor Anders Runesson, Oslo

24 October 2016, 5pm. Martin Hall, New College, Edinburgh EH1 2LX. This lecture is being given by Professor Ronnie Po-Chia Hsia, Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of History, Pennsylvania State University

Tuesday 1 November 5pm, Elizabeth Templeton Room, New College, Mound Place, Edinburgh EH1 2LX

2 November 2016, Martin Hall: Dr Carool Kersten, King's College, London will be speaking on behalf of the Asian Religions Network

4pm - 5.30pm, 3 November 2016, Martin Hall. Dr Aaron S Gross is an historian of religions at the University of San Diego, who specialises in Jewish traditions and has a sub-speciality in South Asian traditions.

Tuesday 8 November, 5.30pm - 7pm (doors open 5pm, refreshments). Chaplaincy Centre Auditorium, 1 Bristo Square, Edinburgh EH8 9AL. Professor John Swinton, University of Aberdeen.

5pm, 10 November 2016, Martin Hall, New College. Lecture is being given by Professor Robert Baum, Dartmouth College, USA

1pm - 2.30pm, Monday 14 November, 6th Floor Research Suite, Centre for Research Collections, Main Library, George Square, Edinburgh

Divinity staff will be in attendance at the annual meetings of the Society of Biblical Literature and the American Academy of Religion.

Professor Thane Rosenbaum in conversation with Dr Nina Fischer. Introduced by Dr Hannah Holtschneider.

29, 30 November and 1 December 2016, 5pm, Martin Hall, New College: Overall Title - "Christianity and Human Rights", by John Witte, Robert W Woodruff University Professor of Law, Emory Law School

Join us as our team of scholars present their newly discovered epistles of the Apostle Paul. We need your help in deciphering their authenticity!

11am - 3pm, 7 December 2016, Martin Hall, New College.

For the New College Christmas Carol Service, the Preacher will be the Right Rev Dr Russell Barr, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

Tuesday 13 December, 9.15am - 4.15pm. Martin Hall, New College, Mound Place, Edinburgh EH1 2LX