Dr Anja Klein's BA Mid-Career Fellowship

Dr Anja Klein has been awarded a £100K British Academy (BA) Mid-Career Fellowship

This fellowship starts on 1 September 2022 and is a one-year buy-out on the topic of 'Theology born from Crisis: Resilience Discourse in the three Major Prophets.'

Theology Born From Crisis: Resilience Discourse in the Three Major Prophets

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Dr Anja Klein

The books of the three Major Prophets in the Hebrew Bible (Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel) are crisis literature. They reflect experiences of foreign dominion and demise in the history of Ancient Israel and address their readership in situations of migration and displacement. These formation conditions open up their interpretation to the interdisciplinary discourse of resilience that is defined as a crisis phenomenon – resilience is positive adaptation despite adversity.

This project is the first that undertakes a critical reading of the prophetic materials through the lens of resilience. Firmly rooted in historical-critical research, I will demonstrate that the formation of theology in these books represents a resilience discourse that fostered group identity and agency. The project 1. offers a fresh approach to theology in the Hebrew Bible and 2. uncovers an ancient theological discourse that can serve as a model of how groups deal with crisis and develop resilience.


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