Alumni stories

Find out what former School of Divinity students are doing now

As you will see, their lives have developed in many exciting directions and their studies at New College were an important formative experience for each of them.

PhD in Science and Religion and Lecturer at St Andrew's University

MSc in Science and Religion. Now doing data analytics at a subsidiary of Amazon

Founder of Express Employment Professionals in the USA

MTh in Biblical Studies. Now coordinator of the Asylum Seeker and Refugee Project at Parkhead Nazarene in Glasgow

PhD at the School of Divinity. Now a Church of Scotland minister

President Emeritus and Professor of New Testament Studies, Acadia Divinity College, Nova Scotia

MA in Religious Studies. Now Managing Director at First State Investment.

MA in Theology. Now Chief Executive at The Elders, the human rights group founded by Nelson Mandela.

MA in Divinity

MTh in Theology and Development. Awarded for his work in church aid agencies.

Founder and Head of the Michael Gott Evangelistic Association

Student at New College 1962-63

PhD in World Christianity. Now is a priest and teaches Old Testament at the Anglican Cathedral of the Redeemer.

Bachelor of Divinity (Honours)

Leadership Coach and Consultant.

Employed at The Scottish Parliament

A trainee Policeman

MA Religious Studies

MA Religious Studies

MA (Honours) Religious Studies

PhD (2012) and MTh (2008) Historical Theology

MSc Comparative Literature and MTh Systematic Theology

MA Religious Studies

Bachelor of Divinity (Honours)

David Wallace studied New Testament

Bachelor of Divinity (Honours)

Bachelor of Divinity (Honours)

Student at New College