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New College Black History Lecture

The speakers for this lecture will be Dr Anthony Reddie, Director at Oxford Centre of Religion and Culture, and Deborah Kayembe, Rector of the University of Edinburgh.

Dr Anthony Reddie

Colour head and shoulders image of Dr Anthony Reddie

Dr. Anthony Reddie is a prolific author and internationally renowned as the leading scholar of Black Theology. His focus on Black Theology is not only linked to the context of Britain but stretched to international terrain, to as far as South Africa and the Caribbean. 

Not only is Dr. Reddie the first Black person to receive 'A' rating in Theology and Religion from the South African National Research Foundation, but, was also awarded the Archbishop of Canterbury's 2020 Lambeth, Lanfranc Award for Education and Scholarship, given for 'exceptional and sustained contribution to Black Theology in Britain and Beyond'. Choosing him to speak to the community of New College will not only teach us what the Black struggle is in our Postcolonial age, but also, equip us to think more critically on the issues affecting Black lives today. The title for Dr. Reddie's lecture is: The Absurd Necessity of Black Lives Matter: A Black Theology Exploration. 

Ms Deborah Kayembe

Colour head and shoulders image of Ms Deborah Kayembe

Ms Deborah Kayembe is the first Black Rector of the University of Edinburgh in its 437 year history. She is a prominent proponent of assisting refugees and people seeking asylum. Trained as a Lawyer-linguist, who has the ability to speak 7 different languages, Ms Kayembe started her own international organisation that helps refugees, victims of war crimes, and asylum seekers, to settle in resettlement programs in UK, USA, and mainland Europe. 

Ms Kayembe is adamant to ensure that all voices are heard in the context of the University. After being a victim herself to an attack by a white supremacist, the Rector is committed to tackling the issue of racism and promoting racial justice through her Freedom Walk Campaign. The title for her lecture is: BLACK LIVES MATTER: The ultimate exercise for a fairer society and equal opportunity for all.


*This event is sold out*