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There has never been a better time to study Theology and Religious Studies. Religion is all around us so the study of its history and themes are essential to understanding the development of culture and world politics.

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The School of Divinity is one of the largest centres for the teaching and research of theology and religious studies in the UK. We offer degree programmes across a number of related fields and seek to develop an understanding of the main phenomena of religion, such as belief systems, rituals, mythology, iconography, practices and ethics and the integral part they play in human culture. The world needs people who are good at thinking about religion as globally, nationally and locally. Religion makes a difference to the world, it affects politics, society, families, education, culture and economics.

Theology investigates the Judaeo-Christian tradition with the opportunity to concentrate on areas such as Biblical Studies, Theology and Ethics and the History of Christianity in a Global Context. Our degrees provide opportunities for interdisciplinary study in language, philosophy, cultural studies, history, social ethics, sociology and geopolitics. Studying at Edinburgh, with world class academics, will allow you to investigate religion at a time when its influence and importance have never been greater.

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