Science and Religion

Mondays 4.10 to 5.30pm, Baillie Room, unless otherwise noted

Semester 2: Spring 2019

Date Speaker Topic
14 January 2019

Dr Yaqub Chaudhary

Contemporary Constructions of Mind and Reality
21 January 2019

James Thieke


"Change and Become Like Little Children": Engaging Developmental

Psychology and Eastern Orthodox Theology on Participation and Spiritual Learning

28 January 2019

Kate Snow


The Concept of Science as ‘Pantological’ Knowledge of Nature

4 February 2019

Dr Mikael Leidenhag


The Blurry Boundary Between Theistic Evolution and Intelligent Design

11 February 2019

Kevin Nordby

St Andrews

Evil, Skeptical Theism, and Cognitive Bias

18 February 2019 No seminar No seminar - flexible learning week
25 February 2019

Dr Sarah Rugheimer


Astrobiology, Metaphysics, and Why You

Should Get Out of Bed in the Morning

4 March 2019

Dr Chris Knight

An Eastern Orthodox Critique of the Science-Theology Dialogue

11 March 2019

Esgrid Sikahall


Beyond Translation Towards Understanding:

Science and Religion, a Hermeneutical Approach

18 March 2019

Dr Bethany Sollereder


Compassionate Theodicy: Theological Integration of Heart and Head

(previously timetabled for 1 April)

25 March 2019 No seminar No seminar
1 April 2019

Bill Atkins


A Theology of Qi: New Perspectives in the Science

and Religion Discussion of Divine Action

(previously timetabled for 18 March)

Semester 1

Date Speaker Topic
17 September 2018 Dr Mark Harris Introducing the Landscape of Science and Religion for MSc students
24 September 2018 Dr Mike Fuller Introducing the History of Science and Religion for MSc students
1 October 2018 Dr Sarah Lane Ritchie Introducing the Philosophy of Science for MSc students
8 October 2018 ***Panel discussion - Artificial Intelligence and consciousness*** ***Panel discussion - Artificial Intelligence and consciousness***


17 October 2018

Dr Andrew Davison

Theology and the Entanglement of Life: Christian Doctrine

and Biological Symbiosis

***Joint Seminar with Theology & Ethics***

22 October 2018 Dr David de Pomerai Redundant God?  Part I
29 October 2018 Dr David de Pomerai Redundant God?  Part II
5 November 2018 Dr Stuart Monro What did Geology do for Theology?
12 November 2018 Helen Holt

Mystics and Mediums: Rufus Jones, William James, and the

Divergence of Liberal Quakerism from Christianity

19 November 2018 Joanna Macdonald Rain Man and Karl Barth: Neurodiversity in Relationship with God
26 November 2018 ***No seminar*** (Divinity graduations) ***No seminar*** (Divinity graduations)