Postgraduates publish updated translation of Bavinck

Cameron Clausing and Gregory Parker’s version of Herman Bavinck’s The Sacrifice of Praise will be available in print 1 June 2019.

Cameron Clausing and Gregory Parker

Cameron and Greg are both PhD candidates in Systematic Theology at the School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh, working on the theology of Herman Bavinck.

Professor Bavinck (1854-1921) was a Dutch theologian and renowned Calvinist scholar, whom Cameron describes as “one of the world’s great heroes of faith, for his work in developing the Reformed tradition.”

Pastoral guidance

Describing the new book, Greg says,

“The Sacrifice of Praise is an updated English translation of Herman Bavinck's Dutch work. De offerande des lofs. The book pastorally guides the reader through the importance of the public profession of faith.

“Bavinck’s careful treatment includes explorations of the unifying power of a common (ecumenical) confession of faith, the blessing of the diversity of believers, and reasonable instruction for those facing persecution for publicly identifying with Christ.” 

Positive reviews

A number of positive reviews on the publisher’s website include one from our Meldrum Lecturer in Reformed Theology, Dr James Eglinton. Dr Eglinton comments:

“In Bavinck’s own biography, participation in the Lord’s Supper was far from inconsequential. As Clausing and Parker note, the student-era Bavinck first took part after extended, careful reflection on the gospel and its fruit in his own life. Having done so, the sacrament proved a regular source of spiritual comfort to him. In The Sacrifice of Praise, we find a set of reflections on the Supper that are richly theological, pastoral, and practical. We owe Clausing and Parker a debt of gratitude for their work in presenting this text to us in a fresh new form.” 


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