NEW! New College Student Recognition Awards

The School of Divinity is introducing three new awards to recognise students who have contributed the most to New College, the city of Edinburgh, or the promotion of Theology and Religious Studies, outside their academic work.

The awards are open to all students in the School of Divinity, undergraduate and postgraduate. Each winner will receive a £100 voucher.


  • Student who has added most to the New College community.
  • Student who has contributed most to the city of Edinburgh.
  • Student who has contributed most to raising the profile of Edinburgh's School of Divinity or the study of Theology and Religious Studies within the UK and internationally.

Celebrating student contributions outside academic work

Head of School, Professor Helen Bond, explains:

“University recognises academic achievements but a student’s wider efforts may go unnoticed. Our new awards are open to all School of Divinity students, undergraduate and postgraduate, who have made a positive contribution outside their academic work, either to the School, the city of Edinburgh or by raising the profile of the study of Theology and Religious Studies.

“Perhaps you or a friend has been involved in voluntary work, provided leadership in a local organisation, helped out with School or other outreach activities, or taken part in a national forum. If so, please let us know!

“Awards will be presented at the newly reinstated New College Christmas lunch, to be held in the Rainy Hall, 6 December 2019.”

Nomination deadline: 25 November 2019

Students should nominate candidates (or themselves) to the Head of School, Professor Helen Bond, by email, with a paragraph explaining why they should win the award and the name of a referee who can verify the student's activity.

Deadline: Monday 25 November 2019.

Email Professor Helen Bond