Dr Linden Bicket Discusses The Work of Muriel Spark On BBC Radio Scotland

Last Sunday, Linden Bicket joined Richard Holloway and the Scottish critic and author Stuart Kelly, to talk about faith in the work of the novelist Muriel Spark.

This year marks the centenary of Spark's birth; this conversation on 'Sunday Morning With Richard Holloway' is just one of a range of events to celebrate her life and writing.

Dr Linden Bicket said:

"It felt particularly appropriate to be talking about Spark in her native Edinburgh, where she lived before she launched her literary career worldwide. Richard, Stuart and I discussed the complexities and tensions of Spark's faith, as well as the ways in which it is manifested creatively in her novels, short stories, and poetry. We also talked about her conversion to Catholicism in 1954.”

Dr Linden Bicket will be delivering a paper on Spark and other Scottish Catholic fiction at the upcoming Muriel Spark Centenary Symposium at the University of Glasgow on 1-2 February, at which a range of experts and authors will speak about Spark's life and fascinating body of work.