Science and Religion

Mondays, 4:10pm, in the Martin Hall unless otherwise stated

All welcome. For enquiries, please contact Dr Bethany Sollereder:

Semester 2: Spring 2024

Date Speaker Topic

22 January

Dr Joanna Leidenhag (University of Leeds)

“God, Language, and Diversity: Towards a Science-Engaged Theology of Spiritual Flourishing in Neurodiverse and Multilingual Communities”.


Joint event with Theology & Ethics. Followed by a wine reception.

Optional Event

24 January, 7pm

Professor Michael Ravatsos

Annual Lecture of the Albertus Institute

“Thoughts on AI, Faith and Religious Experience”

5 February

Dr Charles Pickles (University of Edinburgh)

“Encountering divine creativity in the aesthetics of mathematical structures in physics.”

19 February    

Professor David Clough (University of Aberdeen)

“Christian Ethics of Food Systems”

4 March

Professor Basil Altaie (University of Leeds)

“Islam and Natural Philosophy”

18 March

Dr Simeon Xu (University of Edinburgh)

“Can Artificial Intelligence Advise on the Imitation of Christ? Artificial Moral Advisors and the Christian Moral Life"

1 April

Rev Dr Michael Fuller (University of Edinburgh)

Book Launch Event: Science and Religion in Western Literature (Routledge 2023)


Followed by a wine reception.

Semester 1: Autumn 2023

Date Speaker Topic

Wednesday 20 September

Professor Jeremy Carrette

Whole-School Research Event

"The Concept of Faith"

2 October

Professor Wilson Poon, Professor of Condensed Matter Physics, University of Edinburgh

"Death: Where Science Meets Theology?"

Followed by Drinks Reception

16 October

Dr Bethany Sollereder, Lecturer in Science and Religion, University of Edinburgh

"Is there Progress in Science or Theology?"

30 October

Carolina Sanz, Doctoral Candidate, University of Ediburgh

"The transhumanist's AI in conversation with the Radical Orthodoxy"

13 November

Ach Fatayillah Mursyidi, Doctoral Candidate, University of Edinburgh

"Islamic Reconciliation of Darwinian Evolution in Contemporary Indonesia"

Tuesday 14 November

Dr Zahra Ayubi, Associate Professor of Religion, Dartmouth University

Gunning Lecture

"Islam, Medical Ethics, and Gender"

This event is a joint event with the Institute of Christian and Muslim Relation

27 November

Dr Emily Qureshi-Hurst, Stipendiary Lecturer in Philosophy at Oriel College


Followed by Drinks Reception