Science and Religion

Engage in the advanced interdisciplinary study of science and religion.

Programme Director Dr Michael Fuller discusses the postgraduate Science and Religion programme here at the School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh.


About the study area

This is an opportunity to engage in an interdisciplinary approach to the debate between religion and science, looking at it from scientific, philosophical, historical, ethical and theological perspectives.

Explore in depth the various claims which have shaped this debate and the religious and non-religious perspectives of those taking part in it. No religious commitments are assumed or expected rather, you will need an enquiring mind, open to grappling with critical challenges from all directions.

The history of science is studied, from ancient times through the modern scientific revolution, together with philosophical trends in our understanding of reality. We also address the central core areas of the science and religion dialogue: cosmology, evolution, divine action and miracles, consciousness and the human person.

The programme's teachers come from a variety of disciplines: science, history, philosophy, biblical studies and theology. Many courses are team-taught, although individual teachers also offer specialised options.

If you are interested in this subject, you are warmly invited to apply for our Master of Science (MSc) programme in science and religion.

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Programme structure

Optional Courses

These courses may change year to year, so please consult the Programme Director for advice on what will be available.

With the agreement of your Programme Director, you may also take courses from other masters programmes or language courses (subject to availability and timetabling constraints).

Career opportunities

Students are prepared for developing careers where a comprehensive understanding of the cultural impact of science is important, as well as those which require expertise in handling complex and sensitive debates such as those surrounding live religious and philosophical questions.

Students will develop a strong foundation for postgraduate research in the field or for employment in education, journalism, innovation policy and management, information technology, knowledge exchange and communication, and civil service, to name just a few.

Further information

Programme Director

Rev Dr Michael Fuller


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