Laura Mair acts as special consultant for an exhibition at The Victoria & Albert Museum's Museum of Childhood

PhD student Laura Mair who is conducting her doctoral work on "Ragged Schools", takes the opportunity to consult for an exhibition being hosted at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

ragged school in Victorian England

"On their own: The story of Britain’s child migrants told for the very first time" is an exhibition exploring the experiences of British child migrants in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Ragged schools were established by evangelical Christians in response to child poverty in urban areas in the mid 19th century. They were concerned with saving both the bodies and souls of poor children; they taught children to read and write as well as the Christian Gospel. The Edinburgh ragged school, which was located on Ramsay Lane beside the entrance to Ramsay Lane Wing of New COllege, also fed the children. Child migration was particularly promoted in the early years of the movement; it was believed that Canada, Australia, and New Zealand would present ragged school children with opportunities inaccessible to them within the inflexible British class structure. 

The exhibition runs from 17th October - 4th November 2015.

You can find our more about the exhibition from their website: