New media talent

Dr Linden Bicket has won a coveted place on the University's MediaTalent scheme.

MediaTalent trains academics in the arts, humanities and social sciences on how to approach broadcast interviews and write incisive opinion pieces. Participants are introduced to journalists and producers. In previous years these have included producers from BBC Radio 4, current and former editors of The Scotsman and The Times, and journalists from The Guardian, Edinburgh Evening News, and STV.

Successful applicants are invited to take part in four in-depth sessions.

Dr Bicket says:

“The first session of the Media Talent scheme was on how to approach broadcast interviews on the radio and television. Coming up, I have sessions on using social media and podcasts, writing opinion pieces and pitching to radio producers. I think all of this will be invaluable in helping me to learn how best to present my research on religion in literature and the arts.

“The first session was really challenging, especially when it came to tackling tricky questions 'live' on air, but I learned a huge amount, and it was really enjoyable. I'm looking forward to the next sessions and learning more from and with my media talent colleagues.”

BBC Radio

A Senior Teaching Fellow specialising in Literature and Religion, Dr Bicket already had media experience when she applied for the scheme, although that is not a prerequisite.

Dr Bicket has spoken on BBC Radio a number of times, on topics ranging from the work of Muriel Spark, Edwin Muir’s poem ‘The Horses’ and Matsumoto's 'Monk's Guide to a Clean House and Mind' to Hollywood’s 2018 re-imagining of Mary Queen of Scots.

This Easter, she will present ‘Good Friday: Tree of Life' on BBC Radio Scotland.

Dr Bicket looks set to join the School’s other media regulars: Professor Helen Bond, Professor Mona Siddiqui and Dr James Eglinton.


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