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In conversation with… Alison Mukherjee

The Scottish Network for Religion and Literature continues their 'In Conversation With...' series where they meet with writers, literary critics and religious commentators to explore religious themes in literature, this time with the novelist Alison Mukherjee, in conversation with David Jasper.

Alison Mukherjee obtained a BA in Theology from the University of Hull, then taught in a mission school in Northern India before returning to UK with her Bengali husband and two daughters. She taught religious studies to secondary school pupils and undergraduates before training as a social worker and taking up posts in local authority children and families and older people teams. In 2002 she was awarded a doctorate from Birmingham University. She is a member of the Religious Society of Friends.

Alison’s novels include Nirmal Babu’s Bride (2002); An Untimely Frost (2013); Isabella’s Book (2016) and Is that a Paintbrush? (2018).

Referring to Nirmal Babu’s Bride, William Radice (SOAS) comments, “Bengali Christians, social work in England, Bible translation, Christian insecurity as the BJP take power – these are just some of the elements woven together by Alison Mukherjee with first-hand knowledge and consummate skill. Absorbing, mysterious and heartfelt, Alison's novel takes its readers into a new realm. It will leave them subtly changed.”

Of An Untimely Frost, Prof Eleanor Nesbitt (University of Warwick) writes, “This is an engrossing, richly satisfying novel, encompassing love and loss. Whether evoking the inner-city or the countryside, Bengal or the UK, romance or bereavement, Alison Mukherjee deftly transports her readers, challenges stereotypes and deepens understanding as her characters evolve.”


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