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A conversation with Trishna Singh, an International Women's Day event

This event consists of a structured interview with Trishna Singh who will read some passages from her book ‘A Silent Voice Speaks’. In the first half of the event, Singh will read excerpts from her recent book with opportunities for audience questions, which will then be followed by a light lunch. After the event, Trishna Singh will be selling and signing copies of her book.

This event is co-chaired by the EDI committee at the University of Edinburgh's School of Divinity and the Scottish Network for Religion and Literature.


Trishna Singh

Trishna Singh OBE was born in Glasgow in the 1950s, a first generation Scottish Bhat Sikh. Her father came to the UK from India, in the late 1930s, and her mother followed after the Partition of India by the British in 1947. Leaving school at the age of 13 with no educational qualifications, she had an arranged marriage, aged 21, where she then moved to Edinburgh to live with her husband.

Trishna is the Founder/Director of Sikh Sanjog, the only Sikh Family Support charity in Scotland; its aim was to provide support for women in the Sikh community who had been settling in Edinburgh since the 1950s. She then founded Punjabi Junction Social Enterprise, the first Sikh women’s Social Enterprise in Scotland.

She has over 30 years’ experience working in the Voluntary sector. A graduate of Glasgow University with a degree in Community Learning and Development in 2007, she was recognised for her services to the community, becoming the first Sikh woman in Scotland to have received an OBE, in 2014.

Her work is centred on the thematic areas of Community Development Gender- Social Justice, Civic Engagement, Race Equality and Human Rights. She is the Honorary Sikh Chaplain to University of Edinburgh and represents Sikh women on a number of committees and organisations at local and national levels.

Her memoir, A Silent Voice Speaks, was published on June 8th 2022 by Fledgling Press.