Miles Mann

A trainee Policeman

What are your best memories of your time at New College?

I really enjoyed my time at New College, all the staff were very supportive, especially the divinity support team.


What has been your career path?

When I was deciding what to do after university last October, I looked through many different graduate schemes. I decided that I didn't want to do an office job, wanted something that was challenging and not repetitive. I decided to do Police Now, a 2-year scheme in which I would work as a police constable. 


How has New College influenced your life?

When doing theology people often, and still do, respond which the typical question of 'are you being a vicar then?' While there is nothing wrong with wanting to do this, for me theology gives a broad range of skills which are relevant to many different jobs.

I did my dissertation on peace studies and how different communities are constructed and related to each other. Religion is often a key element to examine here, particularly when conflict arises.

A central part of neighbourhood policing is understanding and appreciating community needs, as well as being able to grasp different cultural ideas. This allows you to form a connection with a community and police by consent more effectively.