History of Christianity 2015

Mondays, 4:10pm - 5:30pm, Lecture room 1

History of Christianity Research Seminars

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars are held on Mondays 4:10 - 5:30pm, Lecture Room 1, New College, University of Edinburgh.

Semester 1

Date Seminar
28 Sept 2015 "How Ecumenical was the Second Ecumenical Council of Constantinople in 381?" Dr Sara Parvis, (School of Divinity)
5 Oct 2015

No Seminar - Seminar participants may be interested in attending the annual meeting of the Christianity and History Forum for Scotland  on Saturday, 3 Oct 2015, at Charlotte Chapel, 204 Rose Street, Edinburgh - email Dr Emma MacLeod e.v.macleod@stir.ac.uk to inform her that you will be attending 10am – 4.30 pm

12 Oct 2015 “'The Committee for Kirk Security: The Short but Eventful life of the Church Interests Committee 1931-1936" Dr David Ritchie (Scottish Centre for Diaspora Studies, University of Edinburgh)
19 Oct 2015 “China and the European Enlightenment" Professor Stewart J Brown (School of Divinity)  
26 Oct 2015 “St John as an Historical Guide", Mr Owen Dudley Edwards (School of History, Classics and Archaeology)  
2 Nov 2015 TBC
9 Nov 2015 [No seminar this week]
16 Nov 2015 “Cyril of Alexandria and the Summer of 436: The Politics of Theological Tolerance" Dr Paul Parvis, (School of Divinity)  
20 Nov 2015 [No seminar this week]
27 Nov 2015    "Disruption Deficit? The Publications of the Free Church Fathers following the Scottish Disruption of 1843", Professor John McIntosh (Edinburgh Theological Seminary)
4 Dec 2015   "The Catholic Apostolic Church in Scotland", Dr Tim G Grass (Spurgeon’s College, London)  


Semester 2

Date Seminar
18 Jan 2016

"Religious Competition and Coexistence in James VII's Scotland, 1686-9",  Dr Alasdair Raffe (School of History, Classics and Archaeology)

25 Jan 2016

"Witchcraft and Charming in Post-Reformation North-East Scotland’Witchcraft and Charming in post-Reformation North East Scotland", Ms Catherine Macmillan (School of Divinity)

1 Feb 2016

"Sermons and Political Culture in Early Modern Glasgow",  Dr Alexander Campbell (Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities)

8 Feb 2016

"Ultra-Protestant Societies and British Imperial Identities, c.1880-1910",  Dr Géraldine Vaughan (University of Rouen)

15 Feb 2016 Innovative Learning Week
22 Feb 2016

"Moderating Evangelicalism in an Age of Conflict: Rev. William Muir of St. Stephen's, Edinburgh (1787-1869)",  Mr Andrew Jones (School of Divinity)

29 Feb 2016

"The Christian Gay Debate: Its American Origins", Prof Brian Stanley (School of Divinity)

7 March 2016

"'An ancient tradition common to all nations': Pagan Religions and Christianity in the Works of Andrew Ramsay (1686-1743)",  Ms Felicity Loughlin (School of History, Classics and Archaeology)

14 March 2016

"The Periodical Parish: Popular Christian magazines and the breakdown of religious authority in post-1945 American Evangelicalism", Ms Amber Thomas (School of Divinity)