Governmateriality of Indigenous Religion(s)

Dr Arkotong Longkumer is part of a core team of international researchers embarking on a new collaborative project, the Governmateriality of Indigenous Religion(s) (GOVMAT).

Dr Longkumer, our Lecturer in Religious Studies, is involved as an expert in the indigenous peoples of Nagaland, India.

Dr Longkumer explains

“GOVMAT is a multi-national project led by UiT the Arctic University of Norway. Our aim is to explore the influence of indigenous religions in different settings across the world today: in local communities, at certain international events, and in a range of diverse exchanges – social media, journalism, art, education, politics, law, environmentalism, tourism.

“The work will build on foundations laid by a related project, Indigenous Religion(s): Local Grounds, Global Networks (INREL).

“Our approach is based on fieldwork and collaboration between researchers in Norway, Scotland and America and stakeholders in India, Norway, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Peru and Russia. The Research Council of Norway has awarded GOVMAT the equivalent of almost £1million funding over a four-year period.”



UiT the Arctic University of Norway

Research Council of Norway

Dr Longkumer’s web page