Professor Siddiqui has been asked to become a member of the BMA medical ethics committee

Professor Siddiqui has been given the honour of being asked to become a member of the British Medical Association's ethics committee.

The BMA (British Medical Association) feel that Professor Siddiqui  would bring valuable expertise and insight to their debates and discussions and so have asked her to become a member. 

The MEC is an interesting and intellectually challenging committee which discusses a diverse range of issues including surrogacy and parental orders, the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, genome editing, conscientious objection and the Human Rights Act, and testing adults who lack capacity for blood-borne viruses in the event of a needle stick injury.  They have several experts in the fields of law, philosophy and theology on the MEC, and as a result the standard of debate that Professor Siddiqui will be contributing to is already high.

You can read more about the BMA on their website: