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The Cultures of the Reformation: A Colloquium in Honour of Professor Jane Dawson

9.30 Welcome

10.00 Professor Alex Walsham: ‘Recycling the Sacred: Material Culture and Cultural Memory after the English Reformation’

11.00 Coffee

11.15 Dr Charlotte Methuen: ‘Priests, Presbyters and the Priesthood of All Believers: Reflections on the Reformation and Lay Authority’

12.10 Dr Scott Spurlock: ‘Scotland Re-framed: the Reformation, religion and Scottish identities’

1.00-3.00 Lunch

3.00 Dr Noel O’Regan and Dr Tim Duguid: ‘Singing the Reformation’

3.20 Drs Tom Green, Martin Ritchie, Nikki Macdonald and Alex Corrigan: ‘Professor Jane Dawson and New Directions in Reformation Studies’

4.30 Closing remarks: Professor Stewart J. Brown

The Colloquium is free but participants are asked to book through Eventbrite.  Please click on the following link: