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Whole School Research Seminar

An inter-disciplinary panel event reflecting on Professor Rachel Muers’ article “Justly Shall You Pursue Justice”: Theological Approaches to Evaluative Injustice’ with Professors Rachel Muers, Jolyon Mitchell and Emma Wild-Wood, and Drs Anja Klein and Salam Rassi

Following a brief summary of the article, the panel members will offer their reflections. These reflections take the research themes and ideas of the article into the participants’ respective scholarly fields and seek out points of connection, offer thought experiments that react to the article’s content from different subject and disciplinary positions. This will be followed by a short response from Prof. Muers, and Q&A with the audience. The aim of this seminar is to offer further perspectives drawing on the panel’s and the audience’s expertise, rather than produce a detailed critique. 

The audience is expected to have read Prof. Muers’ article in preparation for the seminar. 


For further information, please contact Dr Hannah Holtschneider.