New College sits in the heart of Edinburgh, a world-class university in one of Europe's most scenic, vibrant cities.

Colour photo of the outside of the New College building
New College

The School of Divinity offers a unique location within the University of Edinburgh. We have a fabulous city centre location, within easy reach of shops, restaurants and bars and on many bus routes. This means that we are set slightly apart from the main campus but, within easy reach of the University’s main facilities. New College offers its own nucleus of study. Not only can you carry out all of your learning in one building, but we also have our own magnificent library, study space and café. All of this is available in the beautiful New College building which is an inspiring and welcoming place to study.

Maps of Edinburgh and main University area, including New College

Interactive tour

Welcome to our building. Experience the unique atmosphere and location of New College through our online tours. Take a look inside some of our lovely rooms!

View from the Mound
Looking down towards Princes Street, from the Mound outside New College

The city of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a fantastic city in which to study and live. Of course, it has beautiful architecture, rich history and literary heritage, but it is also framed by beaches and mountains. Lovely parks are everywhere alongside a vibrant, music, theatre and sports scene, including the world's biggest arts festival – the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Edinburgh is readily accessible by road, rail, and air, and has great transport links to the wider world, so you can explore further afield.