A New Collection of Essays, co-edited by Dr Linden Bicket, examining the life and work of the Scottish novelist Robin Jenkins

A new collection of Essays, co-edited by Dr Linden Bicket, has just been published.


The Fiction of Robin Jenkins: Some Kind of Grace is the first ever study of Jenkins, who Andrew Marr has called 'the best-kept secret in modern British literature', and who The Scotsman calls 'the Scottish Thomas Hardy' for his preoccupation with questions of moral choice, ethics, and goodness.


The book includes provocative new readings of a range of thematic issues by experts on Jenkins and on Scottish literature more broadly. It also includes chapters dedicated to individual novels in Jenkins's corpus, including his best-known works, The Cone-Gatherers, The Changeling, and Fergus Lamont. In her chapter, Dr Bicket has focussed on Jenkins's creative process, manuscript revisions, and the stock of religious imagery in Jenkins's posthumous novel, The Pearl Fishers.

Bicket Book Cover

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