Films from Jewish Lives, Scottish Spaces

A research project led by Dr Hannah Holtschneider has produced a series of short films, ‘Points of arrival,’ each telling the story of a 19th/20th century Jewish immigrant.

Black and white photo showing the Ladies’ Guild cheder picnic
Jewish lives, Scottish Spaces - the Ladies’ Guild cheder picnic

Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the project was a joint venture between Principal Investigator Dr Holtschneider in the School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh and Dr Mia Spiro and Dr Phil Alexander, University of Glasgow.

Each three-minute film concentrates on a Jewish immigrant to Scotland: Isaac Hirshow (1883-1956), Annie Lindey (1886-1953), Hilda Goldwag (1912-2008), Henry Wuga (born 1924) and Dorrith Sim (1931-2012).

Their stories are told by contemporary narrators, whose own lives resonate strongly with their subject matter.

This project drew primarily on the collections of the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre (SJAC), Mitchell Library in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Glasgow City Archives, National Library of Scotland and National Records of Scotland. 

Dr Holtschneider says:

“The films are intended for classroom and general public use and offer many possibilities for engaging with the history of migration to Britain, the impact of migration on individuals, the reception of refugees and the contribution of immigrants to their new surroundings and communities.

“We will be working with secondary school teachers to develop a set of classroom resources based on these films.”

[Photo reproduced with thanks to Carole Cowen]


Jewish Lives, Scottish Spaces

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