Professor Lim gives the 20th Chuen King Biblical Lectureship: The Canon of Jewish Scriptures

Professor Lim lectures at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in February

“Chuen King” in Chinese literally means “communicating scripture”. This is the name of the lectureship which is established in memory of Mr. Wong Chuen-king by his son Mr. Wong Bing-lai who believes in the power of biblical message. While the Bible is the primary source for Christian theology, it also witnesses the process of contextualizing the World of God in different ages and among different people. Today in Asian main concerns is to contextualize Christian theologies, which have been developed in the West for almost two thousand years, in their own contexts.

There are different approaches in dealing with the issue of contextualization, however, no one can do contextual theology without biblical resources. As a matter of fact, the Bible is the common basis for the faith of all Christians in different contexts. Thus, one of the most important starting points of doing contextual theology is no doubt the study of the Bible. What concerns us most in biblical studies is to understand the text in its original context and the second thing that is of concern to us is how the text should be interpreted in our contemporary contexts. The Chuen King Lectureship aims to promote biblical studies in these two perspectives. We believe that we can learn from western biblical scholars on their studies of what the Scripture meant in its original contexts, but we must also work hard to understand the message in our own contexts.

Chuen King Lectureship has been organized since 1996. Inviting renowned biblical scholars and theologians to share their insights and findings. Professor Lim will be giving the following lectures:

The Canon of Jewish Scriptures, Timothy H. Lim, University of Edinburgh

  • Wednesday, 24 February: The Jewish Origin of the Septuagint
  • Thursday, 25 February: Paul and His Bible, Chapel Sharing: A Woman of Prayer and the Bible
  • Friday, 26 February: From Authoritative Scriptures to Canon
  • Sunday, 28 February: Dual and Graded Authority of Scriptures in the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Sunday, 28 February: Holy Scriptures, Human Canon


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