Dr Grumett becomes Deputy Chair of Defra Animal Welfare Committee

Dr David Grumett, our Senior Lecturer in Theology and Ethics, has been appointed Deputy Chair of the Animal Welfare Committee in the UK government's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

Internationally respected, the Animal Welfare Committee (AWC) advises Defra and the devolved administrations of Scotland and Wales on the welfare of farm animals, companion animals and wild animals kept by people. 

As the Committee's ethicist since 2013, Dr Grumett has contributed to advice on sentience, cattle production, non-stun slaughter and other topics.

Dr Grumett says:

"How humans treat and trade animals is important, and essential to human life. COVID-19 was probably passed to humans from an infected animal in a market, for example.

"By drawing on its expertise and wider networks, AWC provides government with information and recommendations to improve animal welfare outcomes.

"In this new role I look forward to helping coordinate its work."


Defra Animal Welfare Committee

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