Transatlantic DMin to welcome new cohort

Applications are open for our next Doctor of Ministry (DMin) programme run in collaboration with Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.

***This story was updated 24 March 2020***

Dr Alison Jack, Programme Co-Director, says:

“Between 2015-18, we taught 18 pastors from Scotland and North America who gained professional doctorates in ministry (DMin). We are delighted to be welcoming a new cohort.

“This programme will run from June 2021. Classes will meet in two-week teaching blocks in Edinburgh and Pittsburgh. Students will then complete a project related to their ministry, and write a 30,000 word critical reflection on their experience.

“Applicants must have completed a minimum of three years in active ministry since finishing their training – and are expected to be engaged in some recognised ministerial position for the duration of the programme.”

Professor David Fergusson, another member of the DMin teaching team, is equally pleased to see this programme continue.

“This Edinburgh-Pittsburgh partnership provides a unique opportunity for teachers and pastors in Scotland and the USA to share their experiences and insights. In previous years it has proved rewarding and enjoyable for all concerned.”

For further information about the programme, please contact Dr Alison Jack. Email


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