Edward DeLaquil Clinches Victory in International Essay Competition

The School of Divinity is pleased to announce that Edward DeLaquil's essay has been announced as the Theology Meets Philosophy of Science Essay Prize Winner.

At the beginning of the year, SET Foundations launched a call for papers for their Essay Competition 'Theology Meets Philosophy of Science'. This call asked for papers that integrate practice-based philosophy of science with topics in philosophy of religion and theology. The best submitted paper, as judged by a committee, would receive a cash prize of $5,000.

After a deliberation period by the judging committee, was compelete, Edward DeLaquil's essay, 'By what measure? A signpost theory of the truth of doctrine', was announced as the Theology Meets Philosophy of Science Essay Prize Winner. Edward’s essay, along with others selected, will be published in a special open access issue of the journal Religious Studies.

I am thrilled and grateful for the support of my supervisors.

Edward DeLaquil

The School would like to extend its congratulations to Edward for this great achievement!

SET Foundations

SET Foundations aims to acquaint theologians and philosophers of religion with insights from philosophy of science on topics such as causation, explanation, laws of nature, natural kinds, representation, complex modeling, and evidence. Although these issues naturally intersect with theological questions, there has been very little engagement between general philosophy of science and theology.

Rather than emphasize specific scientific theories or theses, this project will explore general questions regarding the aims and methods of scientific practice: How do scientific explanations work? How do scientists use models? How do causal concepts vary across different domains of scientific inquiry? What are scientific “laws” and do all scientific theories employ them? How do we determine what counts as “good” science?

SET Foundations

Colour head and shoulders photo of Edward DeLaquil
Edward DeLaquil

Edward DeLaquil

Edward is a PhD candidate at the School of Divinity studying in the field of Science and Religion. His research focuses on truth, language, and the metaphysical assumptions (if any) of human knowledge as articulated in religion and the sciences. Some of the topics in his work include truth, empiricism, scientific (anti)realism, naturalism, religious doctrines, scientific representations (measurements and models), and time.

From September 2020 to August 2023, Edward carried out his PhD research at the University of Edinburgh. Before moving to Edinburgh, he also studied philosophy and theology at Boston College.  

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