Professeurs interviewés sur Saint Pierre

French discovery channel RMC Découverte is interviewing Professors Helen Bond and Larry Hurtado for a documentary about St Peter.

Filming will take place in the Sanctuary, New College, 29 January 2019, for a programme to be broadcast in France later this year.

Professor Bond explains:

“The documentary will explore the life and legend of Saint Peter. They are interviewing us because of a book we edited a few years ago, ‘Peter in Early Christianity’ [Helen K Bond and Larry W. Hurtado, Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2015]

“The film will be shot as a kind of archaeological quest, trying to find the historical Peter and looking at the impact of archaeology on the history of Christianity through the years.”


RMC Découverte

Peter in Early Christianity. Helen K Bond and Larry W. Hurtado, Eerdmans, 2015

Professor Bond’s web profile

Professor Hurtado’s web profile