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Spirituality, Faith and Belief: Voyages of Discovery, with Jo Clifford, Rob Mackenzie and Medha Singh

Many of us experience moments or periods in our life as voyages of spiritual discovery and journeys inward, into our faith and beliefs. These personal pilgrimages often involve exploring our doubts and uncertainties, questions and curiosities as they arise from our experience of the world around us interacting with our understanding of religion. Often this is inspired and informed by a rich legacy of traditions of belief and their representation in the creative arts. 

This event will be hosted by Alison Jack and Samuel Tongue.

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  • Jo Clifford is the author of over 110 plays. Her work has been translated into 7 languages and seen in every continent in the world.
  • Rob Mackenzie, poet and minister, is publishing his fourth poetry collection Woof! Woof! Woof! this coming autumn.
  • Medha Singh, poet, translator and editor, is this year’s winner of the Scottish Book Trust’s New Writers Award.
  • Alison Jack is Professor of Bible and Literature at the University of Edinburgh and Director of the Scottish Network for Religion and Literature.
  • Samuel Tongue, poet, writer and editor, is project co-ordinator at the Scottish Poetry Library.

This event forms part of the Edinburgh Festival of the Sacred Arts 2023.

This event is run in partnership with Greyfriars Kirk, the Scottish Network for Religion and Literature, and the Scottish Poetry Library.



Photo of Rob Mackenzie © Ryan McGoverne