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"Beyond Bilal: Black History in Islam" - A Conversation with Imam Mustafa Briggs

This timely work uncovers the deep-seated relationship between Islam and Black History, from the Qur'anic period, Companions of the Prophet, and early generations of Muslim scholars to the rich history of Islam in Africa and the vital role of women's scholarship in the West African Islamic Tradition.

Jointly Sponsored by the School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh Islamic Society, Race.Ed, and Edinburgh Race Equality Network.


Imam Mustafa Briggs

Colour head and shoulders photo of Imam Mustafa Briggs

Imam Mustafa Briggs is a graduate of Arabic and International Relations from the University of Westminster whose dissertation focused on Arabic Literature and Literacy in West Africa. Mustafa started an MA in Translation at The School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London with a specialization in Arabic and Islamic Texts, before going onto the Islamic University of al-Azhar in Cairo, Egypt where he is currently studying Arabic and Islamic Law