Divinity staff shortlisted for CAHSS Recognition Awards

The School of Divinity are pleased to announce that five members of staff have been shortlisted for the 2023 CAHSS Recognition Awards.

What are the CAHSS Recognition Awards?

The CAHSS (College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences) Recognition Awards provide us with such a brilliant opportunity to pause and take the time to recognise the incredible people we work alongside, and to thank them for the difference they make. They showcase the positive behaviours that contribute to making our College a great place to work – the teams that are energised by the talents of their members; the colleagues who inspire others.

How is the Shortlist decided?

This year there were 1513 people nominated across all schools in CAHSS for a CAHSS recognition award. Once all of the nominations are in, the voting panel reviews the nominations against the award category criteria, taking into account submissions up to 250 words, to select the 2023 Shortlist. 

Out of all 1513 nominees, five School of Divinity staff were chosen for the 2023 Shortlist.

Our Shortlist

Professor Helen Bond - The Susan Manning Award for Inspiring Mentorship

Professor Helen Bond (Professor of Christian Origins, Head of the School of Divinity) has been shortlisted for the Susan Manning Award for Inspiring Mentorship award. This award honours an individual who has been an outstanding mentor to colleagues over a sustained period and has had a significant impact on helping others establish themselves professionally. Nominations for formal and informal mentoring arrangements will be considered.

Kate Munro - The Dean of Students Award for Contribution to the Student Experience

Kate Munro (Student Adviser) has been shortlisted for the Dean of Students Award for Contribution to the Student Experience. This award is given to an individual or team who has made an outstanding contribution to delivering excellence for our students. It recognises those who listen carefully and prioritise the needs and perspectives of students throughout their University journey, and who seek to improve service and provision wherever possible.

Dr Naomi Appleton - The Inspiring Colleague Award

Dr Naomi Appleton (Senior Lecturer in Asian Religions) has been shortlisted for the Inspiring colleague award. This award is given to an individual who inspires, cheers and encourages those with whom they work. It recognises someone who is an excellent role model; maintaining and championing high standards, offering energy and enthusiasm to all they do and strong support to others.

Rory Dunlop - The Outstanding Team Player Award

Rory Dunlop (Marketing and Communications Assistant) has been shortlisted for the Outstanding Team Player award. This award celebrates an individual who displays extraordinary integrity and generosity towards their colleagues. It recognises those who consistently provide support; helping others overcome obstacles, and accomplish success. This Award is specifically for employees who are not in leadership or managerial roles.

Robert McKay - The Head of College Award for Exceptional Service

Robert McKay (Servitor) has been shortlisted for the Head of College Award for Exceptional Service. This award is presented to colleagues who have made exemplary contributions in service of the University community. These individuals have been dedicated, positive, and trusted by colleagues over many years, and continue to make a lasting impact on the College community.

Awards Ceremony

The 2023 CAHSS Recognition Awards take place on Tuesday 6 June where the winners for each award will be announced.