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Inaugural Lecture: “Divinity Among The Humanities: ‘Idle Decoration’ or ‘Water of Life’”

Professor Rachel Muers (Professor of Divinity) delivered her Inaugural Lecture “Divinity Among The Humanities: ‘Idle Decoration’ or ‘Water of Life’” in the Assembly Hall, New College on Thursday 14 September at 2pm.

Event Recording


Taking inspiration from Thomas Chalmers’ speech at the foundation of New College, Prof Muers explores how a School of Divinity, and within it the study of Christian theology, can exemplify and make the case for the value of the humanities within contemporary universities and contemporary society.

Professor Rachel Muers

Rachel Muers joined the University of Edinburgh in 2022, as the first woman to be appointed to the historic Chair of Divinity. A theologian who tries to listen and speak across boundaries - disciplinary, confessional, and institutional she has worked both on the history of Christian theology (particularly the twentieth century) and on developing new theological responses to urgent questions. She's passionate about the importance and relevance of our subject, for the university and for wider society.

Professor Rachel Muers' staff profile