T Scott Manor

PhD (2012) and MTh (2008) Historical Theology

T Scott Manor PhD Historical Theology

President of Knox Theological Seminary and Associate Professor of Historical Theology.

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your current career 

Since graduating from the University of Edinburgh I have worked at Knox Theological Seminary in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I began as a Program Director and have since served as Dean of Distance Education, Assistant Professor, Dean of Faculty and Vice President of Academic Affairs, becoming President and Associate Professor of Historical Theology.  


Why did you choose to attend the University of Edinburgh and the subject with which you graduated?

I knew I wanted to pursue further studies in early church history, so the University of Edinburgh was naturally one of a few UK programs I seriously considered.  Academically, it was clear that I would be getting all I wanted (and more) from New College, but what ultimately “sold” me was the care and interest of the faculty towards the students. My supervisor for both degrees (Sara Parvis) was exceptional.


What did you enjoy most about your subject?

I very much enjoyed the collegiality of the students, the weekly seminars in Ecclesiastical History, and the approachability of faculty from a variety of disciplines at New College.


What specific skills did you develop whilst attending the University of Edinburgh?

In addition to working on my research and writing skills, I developed additional administrative skills as Convenor of the postgraduate committed (New College) that have served me very well in my current role.


Why would you recommend your subject to other students?

My subject is central to what comprises the Christian faith today, and many of the historical and textual issues that arise are informed by areas of study that are at the core of what is learned in the Ecclesiastical History department.  In fact, one of my students at Knox will begin his PhD at New College in the same field beginning this fall.  Although I’d like to believe his choice of schools was due to my influence, the truth is that he saw the same quality of education and personnel that I did and made the same (wise) decision to attend the University of Edinburgh for his advanced studies. 


How did your experience at Edinburgh help you get where you are today?

There were various contributing factors at Edinburgh that contributed to me being in my current position.  The support of my academic supervisors in helping me network with others in my field and serving as references, the administrative skills I learned as a member of student council, the opportunity to serve as a tutor, and the assistance in extracurricular work (such as conference papers and journal article publications) all contributed very positively.