Pioneering professor

“Frontier-crashing" Head of School, Professor Helen Bond, was interviewed by BBC Radio Scotland, 14 October 2018.

Good Morning presenter Richard Holloway began by asking Professor Bond if she had broken a religious glass ceiling by becoming the new Head of the University of Edinburgh's School of Divinity - "the first woman appointed to this prestigious and ancient post." 

"It does feel like we are entering into new territory," she told him.  In addition to Professor Bond's appointment, her colleague Professor Susan Hardman Moore has become Principal of New College, which trains ministers for the Church of Scotland. Although Professor Hardman Moore is the second, rather than the first, woman to serve as Principal, it is the first time that both leadership posts have been held by women. 

Expertise in Christian origins

Over the next half-hour, Professor Bond talked about the School's inclusive approach to teaching different religions, to students of belief and non-belief, as well as answering questions about her role, personal background, thoughts on faith and expertise in the history of Jesus and the New Testament.

After a short break to hear the song she had requested  - 'Every beat of my heart' by Rod Stewart, which reminds her of her students days - the conversation turned back to religion.

The lively discussion ranged from evidence for the existence Jesus, to feeling sorry for Judas and the importance of Paul in making Christianity universal.

The programme will be available on BBC iplayer radio until 11 November 2018 at (04.05-35.00 minutes in)


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