2022/23 Gifford Lecture Series

The University of Edinburgh hosts this year's Gifford Lecture series with Professor John Dupré from 1-11 May

John Dupré, Professor of Philosophy of Science and Consulting Director, Centre for the Study of Life Sciences (Egenis) at the University of Exeter, will deliver a set of six lectures titled 'A Process Perspective on Human Life'

Event Details

In this series of lectures, Professor Dupré shall explain why we should understand life not, as is still commonly the case, as composed of things made of smaller things, the latter arranged into mechanisms, but as processes. As such, life is constantly dynamic and active. The lectures will explore the implications of this thesis for various topics with increasingly direct relevance to human life, starting with evolution and symbiosis, and moving to human nature and human kinds, personal identity, and freedom of the will.


The series of six lectures will be held 1-11 May, 5:30pm at the George Aikman Lecture Theatre, 32 George Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9JX. Please register for the lectures online through Eventbrite.


Further Information

Further information about this lecture series and access to the recordings are available on the University of Edinburgh Website.

Gifford Lectures 2023