Professor Ken Shields (1931-2020)

The 'unofficial' New College student who became assistant professor of English at Southern Methodist University, Dallas.

Bill Whitson (New College 1956-59) writes:

People who were at New College in the late 50s will be sad to learn of the recent death of Ken Shields.  Although Ken was not a Divinity student he attended lectures and classes at New College to, as he said, "familiarise himself with the Calvinist background" as he was researching for a  PhD thesis on the 18th Century poet Cowper. He became fascinated, and spent a lot of time at New College.  He made many friends, of whom I was one, and kept in touch over the years, including visits to Scotland. 

He became an assistant professor of English at Southern Methodist University. 

When he visited us from his home in Dallas, my wife had to hide her disappointment that he looked more like Santa Claus than JR! 

Ken died at his home in Dallas early in March after a short illness.  He is survived by his wife Joanna and their daughters and grandchildren.