Dr Linden Bicket will appear on BBC radio this Easter Sunday

Dr Bicket talks about Edwin Muir's poem "The Horses" on BBC Radio 4

Along with other poets, theologians, and a psychologist, Dr Bicket will be reflecting on the life and works of the great poet of Scottish Modernism, Edwin Muir, and particularly on his post-apocalyptic poem 'The Horses'.  This poem, from Muir's final collection published in 1956, is possibly his best-known and most anthologised work. She'll be considering it as a poem that tells us something about the lost Eden of Muir's childhood in Orkney, as a brooding commentary on the increased mechanization of his Cold War context, and as a poem that both engages with and subverts Biblical narratives in brilliantly creative ways.

Catch Dr Bicket on the BBC radio website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b074w046