New College Time Capsule

To celebrate the 175th Anniversary, we are looking for items to include in a time capsule representing New College in 2021.

When New College was founded on 3rd June 1846, a time capsule was placed below the foundation stone. Buried in a glass jar, this time capsule contained items which expressed the principles and ideas that formed New College. These included a copy of the Claim of Right if 1842, a copy of the Protest of 1843, the College Committee’s 1846 Report, a copy of Chalmers’s lectures on Ecclesiastical Establishments, and a set of coins of the realm.

To celebrate the 175th Anniversary of New College, we want to create our own time capsule that sums up New College in 2021, and welcome all contributions.

What does New College mean to you? What would you put in a time capsule to sum up New College 2021? What sums up New College and wider society at this particular point in time? Let us know by submitting your idea via the link below. Add links, images or anything else to accompany your submission, and like and comment on any submissions to help us decide what will be in our New College 2021 time capsule.

All submissions will be credited. If you have any questions, please get in touch with

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