Dr Lydia Schumacher will deliver the opening keynote lecture at the Modern Church 2017 Conference

Dr Schumacher has been invited to deliver the opening keynote lecture on 'Why the Trinity Matters' at the Modern Church 2017 Conference in Hertfordshire.

GOD: NONE, ONE, THREE OR MANY? will pursue uninhibited discussion about how we can, do, and should understand God today, with input from speakers who have thought long and hard about this topic, but come to different conclusions with Dr Schumacher's lecture on Why the trinity matters  opening the conference.

Conference Chairs:

  • Prof Linda Woodhead (Lancaster University)
  • The Revd Prof Jane Shaw (Stanford University)


Event Address

High Leigh Conference Centre

Lord Street



EN11 8SG

Telephone: +44 (0)1992 463 016 

Email: highleigh@cct.org.uk

Website: www.cct.org.uk


For any enquiry concerning the Modern Church annual conference, including access, meals, and facilities, emailconference bookings.

Please do not contact High Leigh directly.


About Modern Church

Previously called The Modern Churchpeople’s Union, Modern Church was founded at the end of the nineteenth century to defend an open, enquiring approach to religious faith against the fundamentalist movements in both evangelical and catholic wings of western Christianity.

At the time the sciences and biblical scholarship were advancing rapidly. While some believers felt threatened and took refuge in reason-defying dogmas, Modern Church argued that Christians have nothing to fear from new discoveries.

They began as a society within the Church of England but now have members and subscribers across the English-speaking world representing many denominations.