Dr Joshua Ralston featured in the Wildcard Session

Dr Ralston appeared as a panelist at the American Academy of Religion conference discussing the terrorist events in Paris in November 2015.

The Wildcard Session at the AAR creates a space to discuss these events and the role of scholars of religion in helping others (students and the broader public) to understand them. The session tackled: what are the connections between the Paris attacks, other recent attacks in Europe, and ISIS-inspired attacks in Beirut and Baghdad? What should the role of scholars of religion be in contesting Islamophobia and debating appropriate responses to terrorism? How can scholars of religion help shape attitudes and conversations about Islam, religion and violence in the general public? How might the attacks in Paris, Beirut, and elsewhere open up classroom conversations about broader issues in the study of religion?

Theme: The Study of Religion and Responses to Terrorism: Paris, Beirut and Beyond

Todd Green, Luther College, Presiding


  • Stephanie Frank, Columbia College Chicago
  • Joshua Ralston, University of Edinburgh
  • Sophia Arjana, Iliff School of Theology
  • Edward E. Curtis, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis
  • Jerusha Lamptey, Union Theological Seminary
  • Sarah Rollens, Rhodes College