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Philosophy, science and religion are three endeavours that shape in far-reaching and fundamental ways how we think, what we value and how we live. Public discourse, professional life, politics and culture revolve around the philosophical, scientific and religious ideas of our age; yet they and their relationship to each other are not well understood.

This programme allows a great deal of flexibility between full-time and part-time modes of study and different exit routes depending on your interests.

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Optional courses may change year to year, so please consult the Programme Director for advice on what will be available.

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Career opportunities

This programme would be an ideal foundation for further graduate work. However, the skills of analytical, clear and creative thinking and writing, the ability to manage projects that require significant research and to engage in constructive conversations across disciplinary and cultural boundaries, are all highly sought after by employers in a diverse range of fields.

Further information

If you have questions about your qualifications fulfilling entry requirements or your suitability for the programme, please email If your questions about the programme content are not answered on this site, you may email the programme director.

Programme Director

Dr Bethany Sollereder


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