Cross-institutional supervision

The School of Divinity is supporting an AHRC doctoral project in the University of Glasgow.

Dr Anja Klein, a specialist in Hebrew Bible studies will be second supervisor for Kiah Endelman Music. Kiah’s project is entitled, “Living still with injury: writing reparative Midrash as an act of feminist resistant memory making.” It explores how writing contemporary feminist Midrash can both affirm and investigate the complexities of cultural inheritance and identification. It will address the gendered violence and exclusion passed down through hegemonic cultural memory and ‘normative’ Jewish tradition. Kiah will produce a collection of poetic commentary which attempts to come to terms with painful pasts whilst articulating a mode of writing, and living as a Jewish woman. Dr Klein will be supervising with Dr Elizabeth Reeder from the Glasgow School of Critical Studies. Cross institution collaborations, such as this one, allow PhD students to construct the best possible supervisory team.


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