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Cunningham Lectures

Professor Witte will give the following lectures on Luther and Calvin and their respective Reformations and then focus on more contemporary questions of law and human rights.  The lecture titles are:

Tuesday 29 November - "Freedom of a Christian:  Martin Luther's Reformation of Rights and Liberties

Wednesday 30 November 2016 - "Between Martin Luther and Martin Luther King:  James Pennington and the Black Abolitionist Struggle for Freedom in America"

Thursday 1 December - "Here I stand:  A Christian Defense of Human Rights Today"


 Thes lectures will be held in Martin Hall, New College at 5pm each day and the first lecture will be followed by a drinks Reception in Rainy Hall.  These are public lectures, to which all are welcome.   If you wish to attend, please register with Eventbrite, using the following link: