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Inaugural Lecture: “Entangled in Divinity: African Religions and World Christianity”

Professor Emma Wild-Wood (Professor of African Religions and World Christianity) delivered her Inaugural Lecture “Entangled in Divinity: African Religions and World Christianity” in the Martin Hall, New College on Thursday 8th June at 4:30pm.

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The development of the study of African Religions and World Christianity has been intertwined in the School of Divinity. The lecture explores the history of this development, and the tensions inherent in its entangled nature. It discusses some current trends that impact the subject area. From examples of public and blended religious practices in East Africa the lecture proposes that entanglement - the intercrossing of cultures and the intertwining of debates about religion and theology – remains useful for the historic and ethnographic study of religion.

Professor Emma Wild-Wood

Professor Emma Wild-Wood took up her position in Edinburgh in 2018. Before coming to Edinburgh she was the Director of the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide and Lecturer in World Christianities in the Faculty of Divinity of the University of Cambridge. Prior to that Emma taught in Bunia in DR Congo and in Uganda for a number of years. She also studied in Edinburgh where she took her doctorate in the Centre for the Study of World Christianity under the supervision of Dr Jack Thompson and Professor David Kerr.

Professor Emma Wild-Wood's staff profile