Centre for the Study of World Christianity 2015

Tuesdays, 4:10pm - 5:30pm, Room 1,07 (**unless otherwise noted)

 Semester 1

Date Seminar
22 September 2015 Welcome session ** This meeting will be held in Room 1.07, followed by the Rainy Hall **
29 September 2015

‘Horace Waller, Lay Superintendent: Researching the Science and the Medicine of the Universities’ Mission to Central Africa, 1861–63’, Dr Lawrence Dritsas, University of Edinburgh

6 October 2015 ‘The Reception of Christian Television in Contemporary Iran: An Analysis of Audience Interactions and Negotiations’, Ms Afshari Sarjaz Masoumhe, University of Edinburgh
13 October 2015 No seminar – School of Divinity Seminar on 14 October
20 October 2015

‘“Trembling with Indignation”: Transnational Competition and Currency in the Postwar Latin American Religious Marketplace’, Dr David Kirkpatrick, University of Edinburgh

27 October 2015 “Vernacular versus lingua franca”: A Fresh Contribution to an Old Debate on Scripture use from Mindanao, Southern Philippines.’, Mr Wilson McMahon, University of Edinburgh
3 November 2015 Collaborative Workshop with University of Basel on Intercultural Theology
10 November 2015 ‘Single Women Abroad: Female Missionaries from the United Free Church of Scotland in Manchuria’, Ms Joanna Baradziej, University of Bergen, Norway
17 November 2015 ‘The Appropriation of Christianity in Africa: Three Models’, Prof. Andrew Walls, University of Edinburgh  ** This meeting will be held in the Martin Hall ** 
24 November 2015     No seminar – School of Divinity Graduation


Semester 2

Date Seminar
12 January 2016 ‘Mary Sherwood’s The Ayah and Lady and The Indian Pilgrim as Pedagogical Tools in Protestant Proselytizing Endeavours in Nineteenth-Century India’, Dr Ashok Malhotra,Queen’s University Belfast
19 January 2016

‘Filial Piety and Idolatry:  How Early Korean Protestants Resolved a Major Theological Issue’, Emer. Prof. James Grayson, University of Sheffield

26 January 2016 ‘The End of ‘Christianity and Civilisation’: The Reaction against Christian Residential Schools in Twentieth-Century Canada’, Prof. Brian Stanley, University of Edinburgh
2 February 2016 ‘John Stott (1921-2011) and the Vision of the Langham Scholars Ministry’,  Dr Ian J. Shaw, Langham Partnership International   ** This meeting will be held in Lecture Room 1 ** 
10 February 2016 ‘Stories from the Margins’, School of Divinity Seminar ** This meeting will be held in the Martin Hall on Wednesday from 4:10pm to 5:30pm **
16 February 2016 No seminar – Innovative Learning Week
29 February 2016 ‘Looking for Little Livingstones: David Livingstone and his Children’, Dr T. Jack Thompson, University of Edinburgh
2 March 2016 ‘Roman Catholic-Buddhist Dual Belonging: Imagining the Impossible?’, Prof Gavin D’Costa, University of Bristol ** This meeting will be held in the Martin Hall on Wednesday from 11:10am to 12:50pm **
8 March 2016 ‘How can the African Church be more African and more Universal?’, Rt Revd Dr Graham Kings, Durham University and the Anglican Communion ** This meeting will be held in the Martin Hall **
15 March 2016 ‘“Everybody’s Child but Nobody’s Child”: An Interrogation into the Contestations on Rights of the Child in India – Family, Church and State’, Mr Prasad Phillips, University of Edinburgh
22 March 2016 ‘Theology in the Study of World Christianity: Thoughts from Africa and Elsewhere’, Dr Emma Wild-Wood, University of Cambridge
29 March 2016 ‘Emigration, Occupation, and Steadfast Presence: The Political Theology of Palestinian Christians’, Dr Joshua Ralston, University of Edinburgh