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The Death of Romanticism and its Philological and Historical Consequences

Prof Marchand is Boyd Professor of European Intellectual History at Louisiana State University, having previously taught at Princeton University. She holds degrees from the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Chicago, and was President of the German Studies Association, 2013–14. She is the author numerous publications in the history of the humanities, especially classical studies, art history, anthropology, history, and theology in modern Europe, including two major books: German Orientalism in the Age of Empire: Religion, Race, and Scholarship (Cambridge University Press, 2009), winner of the 2010 George L. Mosse Prize for the Best Book in Cultural and Intellectual History from the American Historical Association; and Down from Olympus: Archaeology and Philhellenism in Germany, 1750-1970 (Princeton University Press, 1996).


This public lecture co-hosted by the Eighteenth-Century and Enlightenment Studies Network, School of Divinity, Edinburgh and the Leverhulme Trust.

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